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R4i Card

If you are a Nintendo Dsi owner then the R4i flash card is for you. This latest flash card is based on the original design by the original design team who split in 2008. Other products have been available but have been utilizing firmware that is way out of date. 

The ultra version of the R4i flashcard as close to the original R4 design as is possible to get. When researching for your purchase you will most likely find many more higher priced and poorer performing versions, steer clear of these as you may find that you will not be able to update the firmware, so make sure the R4i you are purchasing is genuine and that your supplier can provide firmware upgrades. Since release the R4i it has had five or more firm upgrades so you need to keep up with these. AceKard firmware is reputed to be the best and it is this that the R4i firmware is based on as it said to be a good match. 

You will be astonished of how the R4i will enhance your DSi experience. Not only will you still be able to play the amazing Nintendo games, with the R4i flash card inserted you will be able to play homebrew games and play your multi-media files on the move by simply dragging them on to a SD memory card from your PC. 

Your choice could be a difficult one as there are so many R4i flashcards available with version such as the R4i SDHC and the R4i redbox. The R4i from the originators is preferred by many users as it is said to be the best. 

With its superb design, ease of use and low price the R4i can not fail to impress DSi users. So why not open a whole new universe and treat yourself and your Nintendo DSi to the new R4i flashcard.

R4i SDHC Card

Following the release of the R4i-SDHC card from the R4i-SDHC.com team, it quickly became the number one selling device for the Dsi and Dsi XL consoles, offering users the ability to add previously unimaginable media files for playback on their consoles. With the R4i it is now possible to use your console as a media player just like you would with an iPod or Mp3 player. View our selection of R4i cards above which fully support the latest firmware from Nintendo and come bundled with Micro SD and SDHC memory cards to allow you to store media files for playback on the go.


In 2008 the group responsible for designing the original R4 flashcard disbanded and since then, a large number of flashcards have entered the Nintendo DSi games arena. The R4i flashcard is the newest in this long line of R4 mimics and is by far the only one that stands out among the rest. 

How is the R4i flashcard different?
Well, for starters, the R4i is designed on the AceKard firmware that is one of the best firmwares around - it is similar to the original R4 firmware and is widely compatible. Compare this to most of the other products, that use now-obsolete, hacked firmware, and don't even support firmware updates. In fact, you have to be very careful in buying any of these products, as there is a high possibility that you wind up with a flashcard that can't update its firmware - that too in a situation when five firmware updates have been released since the new R4i release already. Moreover, the R4i flashcard comes at an affordable price unlike its competitors. 

Apart from this, the R4i unleashes the true potential of your Nintendo DSi - combining superior gaming ability with a host of multimedia applications. Note that there are several types among the R4i themselves - R4i SDHC and R4i redbox are just a couple of them. Most users prefer the R4 versions released by the original; however, you have to choose one that suits your tastes and needs. An excellent choice is the R4i Ultra flashcard - about the same size as the original R4, but faster. 

The bottom line is that the R4i flashcard is a must have for every hardcore DS buff - its astounding features, reasonable cost, and easy to use interface being only a few of the factors going in its favor. 

The R4 card provides you with a storage space for your games. There are different versions of the R4i card available with us. These are the R4i and R4ii. Now, the former version is produced for Ds lite and Nintendo Ds, and the latter for Dsi lite. We have stocks of the R4i and the R4ii. 

Functions and working of R4 card 

Via internet we download various files. We often need to preserve the multi-media files for future use. The R4i cards store files with the help of a micro SD memory card. Using a micro SD card reader connect the micro SD card with your system. After connection is established you can download the R4i card software and then transfer it to the micro SD memory card. For help turn to YouTube videos, in which the process is graphically explained. 

Where can you get micro SD memory card? 

You can get it from us as we have several bundles of memory cards packaged with the R4i card for you. With the R4i card you will be able to relieve your computer from the burden of storing all your multimedia files like logos, music, photos and videos. What is more, you can carry these files with you when you are traveling. To transfer files, connect the micro SD memory card to your PC. 

How does the R4i work?

The R4 DS was created to allow you to enhance your entertainment experience with your Nintendo DS or DS Lite console, not just your gaming experience. As the R4 DS was designed for the DS and DS lite consoles it was not compatible with the Nintendo DSi and DSi XL when they were released so the R4 team created the R4i for DSi and DSi XL users. The R4i was developed to be fully compatible with the Nintendo DSi console and any new updates that the console faced and the R4i has done just that.

With the R4i adapter for the Nintendo DSi and DSi XL you can now perform tasks on your DS console that you previously could only dream of. These new features include the ability to watch movies, listen to music, read your favourite books in the form of eBook and view photos. The R4i is around the same size as the original game cartridges and fits into the same slot 1 as they did, there is no taking apart your console with the R4i! The R4i uses a Micro SD or SDHC memry card which is roughly the same size a mobile phone SIM card and allows you to store up to 32GB of data with the SDHC version and up to 2GB of data with the standard SD version. So of course we recommend you get a higher capacity SDHC micro memory card.

Simply put the R4i DS turns your regular handheld gaming device into a fully functioning multimedia device capable of playing all your favourite media just as you would on your home computer. Now thanks to the R4i instead of just being able to play games on your DS you can load it up with movies, music, photos and homebrew games and even eBooks if that's what you enjoy. You will need a memory card to play files on your R4i and we offer a number of bundles with different sized memory cards included. 

R4i Options

The R4i SDHC is compatible with the latest firmware releases from Nintendo allowing you to keep up to date with the latest technology for the Nintendo DS or DSi console. The R4i works with a whole host of different memory cards of all sizes up to 32GB which should easily be enough for any user. The R4i SDHC allows you to playback music, movies, photos, videos and even eBooks. What's more you can also use the R4i as a storage device to store data.

Improvements in flash card technology mean the R4i is more reliable than any other R4 currently on the market and you will experience zero lag time which you might expect with cheaper alternatives. 

With the R4i you can expand your gaming capabilities infinitely and experience the most your console has to offer, we offer the R4i bundled with various memory cards of different sizes allowing you to choose a package that fits your needs exactly, no worrying about if you will have enough room on your memory card for more data. The R4i is currently compatible with the Nintendo DS, DS lite, DSi and DSi XL consoles and supports the latest firmware, as mentioned earlier.

R4i for DSi

With the R4i you no longer have to rely on using your DSi console for gaming, the R4i offers you the ability to add memory cards to your already highly advanced console. These memory cards give you the option to playback media such as music, photos, videos and eBooks all on your console and all on the go. There is no longer the need to purchase an iPod or Mp3 player, the DSi console now does it all thanks to the R4i. With support for the latest Micro SD and SDHC memory cards you store up to 32GB of data on a single card without the need to carry around several devices.

Another great feature of the R4i is that it allows you to backup all the games you currently own. This means you can put all your games cartridges on a single device, instead of having to carry around multiple games cartridges. You can store all your games on one cartridge thanks to support for the latest high capacity memory cards. Without a doubt the R4i has been one of the most important additions to the range of accessories for the Nintendo Dsi and this is main reason why it has been become the number one selling accessory. The R4i supports the latest Nintendo firmware; this is thanks to constant updates from the R4i team. The R4i team are the creators of the R4i and provide updates and support for their cards, they are constantly working on updates to improve the gaming experience and bring better features to the table. 

The R4i is also fully backwards compatible with the Nintendo DS and DS lite console, meaning if you own the DS and DSi in your family you only need to purchase one card, no additional expense needed.